Formatting thesis

Help with the formatting of the diploma thesis

Many students have difficulty formatting their diploma thesis – often lacking the experience in dealing with the very complex program Word, in part, so-called “bugs” crept into the document, small bugs that cost time and nerves because they repeatedly mess things up. Often it is not possible to create the directories (content, tables, illustration) automatically, they are then crafted “manually”, a tedious job.

Confusing, redundant formatting information

In addition, there are always hard-to-read guidelines to be implemented by the institutes for formatting. Again and again, the guidelines of the supervisors agree, for example. do not match these presets – or with the Word style. For example, students always demand the utmost exactitude, but the guidelines for formatting the diploma thesis themselves are not very precise.

Formatting and layout – fast and accurate according to specifications

I gladly help to free the diploma thesis – as needed – from program errors and to prepare the document according to the specifications. If redundancies exist – non-compliant specifications – I can quickly identify and you can clarify this list with the course management.

It’s best to start with a pre-formatted diploma thesis right at the beginning

It saves a lot of time and effort to prepare the document of the diploma thesis from the beginning according to the specifications. From the margins, the numbering, setting of text formats for headlines (most levels 1-3, rarely 4), list paragraphs, footnote texts and footers, headers with chapter labels, spreadsheets, image captions, automated directories, etc. – as you wish.

Quick format buttons make the job easier

These buttons – in the Word above – are adjusted exactly to the specifications and unnecessary buttons are removed. You always only see the selection you really need in the bar or in the field (see figure).