Pre-scientific work VWA

Ghostwriter for the prescientific work VWA

A prescientific work is a considerable challenge for many students, especially those who have to pass a lot of exams in parallel. Practice shows that many parents jump in as “ghostwriters” and contribute more or less to their children’s pre-scientific work. Unfortunately, there are also young people who do not have this form of support, because this job is difficult for them or they just do not have time.

Here I like to help – although the help is often also help for self-help, if it manages to overcome the main obstacles together, such as the topic, the literature search, the appropriate structure, the introduction, correct citation, formatting or the orthographic revision of the Spelling or punctuation errors.

The pre-scientific work – discretion and seriousness

By working directly with myself – without any other people or departments, etc. – we can handle the entire project in complete confidentiality and discretion, in order to successfully overcome this often last and serious obstacle to graduating from school. So here too can offer a low price, especially if a solution is found to divide the work somehow.

The formal requirements for the VWA are also somewhat simpler than for other forms of scientific work, such as bachelor theses, master theses and doctoral theses. So it is e.g. in certain cases also allowed to use Wikipedia as a source. Through my many years of experience – also in other professions – I usually bring in a good basic knowledge, the always new and often very “special” topics make me happy again and again.

Often the tips and information on my blog help to get the project going. Well summarized is also this website (link) with good guidelines and a clear presentation of all phases